Are Africa’s Lion economies, the world’s next economic powerhouses? According to the International Monetary Fund, Africa will host seven of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world in the next five years. So what are the challenges for capturing business opportunities and creating sustained organisational value?

According to the Economist, from Ghana in the west to Mozambique in the south, Africa’s economies are consistently growing faster than those of almost any other region of the world. Although severe income disparities persist through much of the continent, a genuine middle class is emerging. Yet for the majority of the continent’s billion people, disease and hunger are still a major problem. And Africa’s population is set to double, from 1 billion to 2 billion, over the next 40 years, giving rise to more opportunities and challenges. How can we ensure that Africa’s boom will be sustainable and continue to benefit Africans as well as foreign investors?

To explore the challenges for capturing business opportunities and creating sustained organisational value in Africa, come and join us for this international leadership forum. This is a platform for exchange of knowledge, thought leadership and best practices in governance, value creation and sustainable growth. Experts, both academics and practioners, from around the world, and especially from Africa, will come together to share their views and experiences.

This will be an international conference where participants will be updated on emerging trends and the latest news on the current African business environment. We will explore the trends that are shaping the future of Africa and identify the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for organisations working in Africa. We will be asking those companies that have invested in Africa to share their experiences and initiatives and the reality of doing business in Africa. We will also look at the social realities and explore the cultural and social forces that are at work.